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Kate Johansson

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Most Marketing Interrupts But Does Not Engage. This Book Engages!

This book hit me right upside my head! Makes me think about everything I am doing for my business, not doing for my business and doing wrong in my business. What IS my message? Is what I think I am saying about myself and my business really communicating what I want my message to say? When people get to my website, am I just saying the same old rubbish,....blah, blah, blah? Service, quality, dependability yawn...How do we make ourselves stand out from the crowds of businesses offering similar products and services? Are we competing on price? If so, its our own darned fault! Have we written a book? Are we seriously out there on social media? Are we business-like when we need to be on certain websites? Are we more relaxed on others? Do we know the demographics of the users of different media. Which ones attract more male users and which ones attract more female users? Do we use hashtags correctly. There is so much in this book I didn't know I needed to know! No wonder my page ranking on Google has steadily fallen off over the last 5 years. I will take this book and go to work on boosting my business profile on line.

Ernest H. Johnson, Ph.D.

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

This is the right step toward growing a great marketing plan!

John North has compiled a great book, Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong!, that is perfectly aligned with the subtitle - How to Immediately Generate More Leads, Attract More Clients and Make More Money. The book is exceptionally well written and organized. John has the requisite background and experience to advice business owners about how to make smarter decisions about their marketing plans. In addition to being an accomplished entrepreneur and businessman, John has helped hundreds of clients over the past decade. In addition to the great information assembled for this book, John offers a half-day workshop for those who want to dig a bit deeper into the strategies they can use to market their businesses. Overall, I like the five step process that is unfolded to help the reader to think through how to build their business plan. On the other side of reality, there are the buyers of the services created by business owners. It is here that John does a good job to get the readers to step into the shoes of the buyer. His description of the psychology of buying and the stages that buyer go through is right one. As with most information about marketing, John believes that you’ve got to have a well-organized social-media marketing plan if you want your business to thrive. Interestingly enough, John also advises business owners to pick-up the pen to write their own stories about their business adventures. In today's fast-paced market driven economy, passing along a book to a potential client is right up there with giving a client your business card. The big difference, however, is that your books is both a marketing tool and an income generator. His coverage of the process for generating, nurturing, and secure leads in awesome. It was here when I started asking myself, “With so much information to take in and digest, where do I go to get help?” Fortunately, John includes information in the book about the Evolve Academy. This is the source where small business owners can use to get the step-by-step guidance and support they need to bring the words in this well-written book to life. I strong recommend Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong! It is both a great reference book and resource you’ll need to dig a bit deeper into the awesome and great resource that John North has organized for you to grow your business.