Ziad Al-Ahmadi

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023


The best marketing book ever, amazing and helps u a lot.

I really recommend this book to everyone interested in marketing.

an avg shopper

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Today's marketing options

As a business owner I am always looking for ways to become more visible to my target audience. I haven't really used social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc much, so this book gave some good overview. I'd recommend this book if you're looking for the different options for your marketing strategy.


Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Well wriiten and worth the read

I have been studying the concept of marketing for many years and have read hundreds of books on the subject. John manages to distil the principles in an easy to understand and simple way, taking his advice and the principles he shares to heart will definitely reignite your marketing. Well written and worth the read


Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Simply the best straightforward, up to date and smart approach to ...

What can I say ... Well written and to me , Simply the best straightforward , up to date and smart approach to Marketing as I never seen before . I got a degree in Marketing years ago and needed a fresh approach to it - this book did not let me down .
I do recommend it :)


Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

Every entrepreneur needs to read this book!

According to John North, “everything you’ve ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong.” After reading his book, I have to agree! Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong! provides a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs who would like to increase revenue and profitability utilizing effective marketing strategies and tactics. The content is well organized, easy to read and understand and therefore implement. With the additional links to online content, Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong! is an excellent resource for any business owner, large and small. I highly recommend it.

JK from the UK

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

A powerful book for any business owner that wants to grow their profits.

John North has clearly been in in the business "trenches" and accumulated a wealth of knowledge. This book is packed with strategies and tactics that I know I can put to good use in my own fledgling consulting business. In fact just from reading chapter one I realized why I am not standing out and getting more leads so I am changing how I position myself. The rest of the chapters are equally useful and have instantly actionable content. My main challenge is prioritizing everything I want to implement. It's like a PhD marketing text book - delivered with Aussie directness.


Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

The story changes when the angle changes

This is not just a marketing book.
Before reading further, I want to make clear that a five star review means that I love this book.

This is not just a marketing book.

This starts out with a premise on marketing, but is out and out a book on understanding better systems and human mind.

Moreover, this book focuses on ethical growth by sheer understanding of nuances.

(The book deals with a wide perspective. The scope of the review is not to act as a spoiler. But to evaluate.)

I recommend this to my whole team.

Robert San Luis

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

John North is a thought leader and strategist to follow!

John North has written the definitive guide to marketing. I have learned many useful, powerful insights from this book.
You will discover strategies and tactics that will improve the performance of your business. Thoughtfully composed and
carefully written, John's book will teach you to be a standout in your industry and give you the edge you need to separate
you from your competitors.

If you are seeking cutting edge guidance from a seasoned professional, John North is the expert you must follow and
listen to. This book is filled with practical ideas that you can easily implement so your business can be highly profitable.
I'm glad I purchased John's book and I strongly recommend that you do the same.

The world is changing. Learn the best strategies for your business now.

joni wilson

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

In This Book John North Turns "Wrong" To Right!

John North's approach to growing a business is from the inside out and also the outside in, in otherword John looks at business from all sides. The title is quite strong but after reading this book, I have to admit; many of my stratagies and beliefs were pretty weak and some WERE down right wrong! In this book, John takes you back to the 1950's and the begining of TV advertising which according to John changed everything! From then on, John walks you through the different froms that marketing has passed through, pointing out why they work and why they don't. I especially liked the chapter on cutting cost and plan to follow Johns suggestions. I also found the chapter on licencing very useful. This is one of those books that has something for everyone who is starting a business and is looking for easy answers and "how-too's.

Joan Kent

Reviewed on 16th Jan 2023

A terrific step-by-step marketing system

This book is for people like me! We’re good at what we do but don’t necessarily know how to get our ideal clients to see us as the first, and most logical, choice. John North teaches a simple, 5-step plan for building a successful business. His insights present a clear picture of what our marketing should – and shouldn’t – look like, based on proven and tested strategies.

While the current trend toward branding may work for large corporations, it can be costly and not worth the expense for smaller businesses. "Everything You Know About Marketing Is Wrong" debunks such common marketing myths. It focuses instead on how-tos for waking up and engaging prospects by discovering and addressing their real needs. North offers practical and specific advice for leveraging what we’re already doing and improving the results – making more money for the same time and money invested.

I recommend this book for entrepreneurs who want a sound plan for attracting eager, qualified prospects who can, and will, benefit from their service and gladly pay for it.